Monday, April 23, 2018

The Holland Report re-designed

The Holland Report has just be re-designed and over the new few weeks will be polished. The new focus will including posting of articles I have written in the past, a place to post music I am creating, commentary on sports, politics, life and anything else I chose to write on in the moment.

I also plan to move into affiliate marketing as I am pursuing self-publishing projects.

Welcome, Spring

It appears we in Iowa are now emerging for a winter that has been stubborn to yield to spring. The past few days have brought weather that allows us to open windows and turn off the furnace.

It quite often is a long waltz into spring, but this winter kept up the winter dance with weekend snowstorms.

Trees should start leafing out soon, just as we finish raking leaves that escaped last fall's collection.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Courier is an outstanding publication you can receive for free through The Stanley Foundation of Muscatine, Iowa.

To order an online or text version, subscribe at

Feature article in the most current edition (Spring 2018) is about how Cambodians depend upon fish, a disappearing commodity, for their survival. Another story features an Iowa farm that practices a natural way to remove carbon from the atmosphere. The farmer also believes his cows are happier. Still another article features the human element in the machine of warfare.

I believe you will be impressed with the high quality of the magazine, which is published three times a year and mailed without charge, as long as you give a U.S. address. Keith Porter is the editor.

Monday, April 16, 2018

If you go to see "The Miracle Season," bring along plenty of Kleenix. You're going to need them as tears will flow.

The story of the loss of Iowa City West volleyball leader Caroline (Line) Found is one that will make you cry. Just how did West High go on after losing their star in an a moped accident? They did, and with showdowns against crosstown rival Iowa City High as well.

This a must-see, required for living in Iowa City. Having attended both City High and West, it was a joy for me to pull for each school as this tale uplifts spirits all the way to its conclusion.

"The Miracle Season" trailer

Saturday, May 21, 2016

So a priest at a recent mass I attended suggested that we find time in the day to pray. He said when were are stuck in traffic on the road or in a grocery store checkout line are good times to pray. I remember this the other day when I was stuck in a grocery store checkout lane. I thanked God, which took a moment, but as I had more time I prayed not to give in to the Mini Donuts I had in the cart. I am glad to say that not only was this a rather lengthy prayer but also I did not purchase them. However, I ran out of time and the Jelly Beans went home with me.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

As we move forward with online education, it seems to me that more and more we will be depending upon the creation of video. For the instructor, it is wise to start making video to more lead content than to support text.

Of course, we want to see quality video but sometimes a phone video quality is enough of an option. Still, we can do more with a studio and software to produce lessons that offer valuable learning outcomes.

Will writing essays, though, go the way of cursive writing in schools as video becomes more valued?